Hands-On Approach

TFS gets in the trenches and rolls up its sleeves, taking a very effective hands-on approach in leading and training both management and staff to successfully run the business.    

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Let us steer your company to growth and profitability.

Why Choose TFS Management Consultants?

Core Focus

Going beyond the balance sheet, TFS gives you a fresh view of how your business operates, focusing first on fixing and improving the core operations and components that drive the business.

Cash flow management


Analyzing market, market position and competitors

Strengthening competitiveness and sales ability within the market

Sourcing products to achieve adequate gross margins

Ensuring efficient internal systems, both technical and procedural, to guarantee timely delivery of products to market

Securing top talent to execute the business plan

Taking advantage of strengths and hidden potential to optimize profits

Exposing and eliminating or converting weaknesses

Addressing problems with a proactive approach  

Proven Results

World Class Experience

Poor profit performance

Inadequate cash flow

Under-performing assets

Declining sales

Our approach, deep industry experience and level of commitment, all work together to create changes and impact the areas that make the most difference, thus improving your bottom line.  

Eroding marketshare

Poor supplier relations

Operational inefficiencies

Poor credit and financing ability

Core Areas of Focus...

Impact Areas...

Who we work with....

The consultants of TFS have a wide breadth of experience working with clients across the globe, including Hong Kong, China, India and many other Asian countries, as well as Japan, Switzerland and Germany

Principals, CEOs, CFOs, COOs

Banks and Lenders

Private Equity Firms, Investment Firms & Venture Capitalists

Accountants and other Financial Consultants

Attorneys & Legal Professionals

Turnaround Consultants

Workout Specialists

Management Consulting for the Consumer Goods Industry

Interim C-Level Management

Operational Evaluation & Management  

Performance Improvement  

Raising Capital

Turnaround & Crisis Management  



Business Development

Global Supply Chain

Operational Due Diligence Assessments  

Overview Of Our Services

TFS Management Consultants has over 25 years of experience successfully driving growth, profit and cash flow for both growing or distressed, small to mid-sized companies within the Consumer Goods Industry.  This includes wholesalers, manufacturers, and distributors, specifically within the apparel, sporting goods, furniture, home decorating accessories, luxury luggage & handbags and men's accessories arena. 

TFS Management Consultants was engaged to help Unionwear and its founder Mitch Cahn improve its manufacturing and internal operations.  Tom Savage assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer, and over a four year period completely overhauled the company’s operation.  New and more capable staff was hired, and the principles of lean manufacturing were optimized boosting output and improving productivity.


One of Unionwear’s biggest challenges was its internal operating systems and procedures.  TFS drove the project to identify the problems and  to conceive and execute the plan to address the issues and to improve the systems.


The article below which, appeared in the June 30, 2015 issue of “CIO Magazine”  outlines the challenges and the steps taken to address them

TFS in  the Media

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